Sunday, February 7, 2010


Friday February 5th started like any other day....until the snow came.

We went out as the snow fell, me and the international guys, and walked back out to Harvey Stone. We sled we laughed we started a fire in the fire place back there you know had a great time. I went back with everyone to the International House and in the morning this happened...

I know it looks great, the picture. At that time it had been snowing for about 24 hours, and we had, at that point, about 28 + inches. We soon got the idea that we could go to Glar and have a good meal. Which we did. But getting there was not easy.

Climbing up to Glar was a feat . The groundskeepers had not cleared a path for anything as of
yet. So wading through what was soon becoming 30 inches of snow and as you can imagine not fun. I was at a disadvantage of wearing my six year old Adidas sneakers with holes in them. My feet were freezing and everything was on my body was wet. Even my jacket. But none the less it was fun.

After breakfast we all decided to go to Lewis to see the campus and look to see is Decker Auditorium was open. This is what we saw.

After making it to Decker Lin and I went into Westminster. And that place looked pretty for a change.