Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A happening of sorts

Hello all,

Currently I am in a weight training class to fulfill a gen ed requirement. And today I hit a state of being, one in which I have never experienced. Now, I am not one to slack off in the gym. It is a class and I intend to push my self. Also, I want to tone down. But, that is neither here nor there.

I started my work out at about 8 AM with a 5 minute cardio run. Full on sprint. The I worked my abs, back, triceps, shoulders and biceps. After finishing my set of biceps it happened. I became very light headed. As if I were intoxicated. I felt a shortness of breath and a slight sickness. I excused my self from to gym to go toward the bathroom where I splashed some water on my face to help cool me down. When I realized that my heart was beating at an unnatural rate. Very very fast, for me. I left the bathroom to sit on a chair in the lobby of the gym. As I emerged from the bathroom I felt a tinge in my ear and then heard a loud ring, then nothing at all. I look up and the light from out side blinds me with white light. Everything is a blur, I could only tell differences between colors. It was hard for me to move, I had become so disoriented.

I find a chair to sit in when I notice that I do not feel my self. You know that feeling that you know you are there you have the feeling of being. That had left me. I felt as though I were floating. An almost euphoric feeling came across me, the sensation lasted for about 5 minutes after I had sat down. In all I think the episode lasted 10. Very bizarre. I think what happened is that my body released an incredible amount of endorphins into my system, and released them at a rate in which my senses could not handle. Essentially, I think i got high off of my self.

You thoughts?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It has been a while...and what a while it has been

Hello all,

Or some, or none, I do not really know how many of you read my blog. But any, the past few days that i have not been blogging have been fun filled. As some of you know yesterday was my birthday and from the weekend to yesterday I had give to receive friends to talk to, and I gave my self plenty of alone time.

BUT, I suppose I can now be called the peace keeper. Or at least the most nosy person around. So last Thursday I was talking to my friend Justin and he got into an altercation with a girl, another friend of mine. So he asks me talk to her and I did. Other than that I am not going to go into what was said or anything. But yesterday I saw them talking to each other. I guess something good happened.

After that ordeal I had to follow another one of my friends around. It was her birthday last Thursday and she was plastered, so I took the drinks that she should not be drinking so that she would not become anymore of a shit show then she already was. Problem is, I then get drunk. Wow, great but not too bad, I just went to bed.

Other than that I had a peaceful weekend. I did not watch the news, which was liberating. I got lots of clothes, money, and motorcycle lessons. AWESOME.

Yea, that is about it.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stardate September 23


Allegedly the rapture was to happen didn't but I will say that I cannot watch the news anymore. Every time I turn it on I get depressed. I feel like no one, (of any Party), in D.C. know what to do. There are a handful of politicians that can stay and continue the good fight. But for the overall majority in D.C. we can set them out back the capital shoot them and have brand new elections.


and I think i am too.


Monday, September 21, 2009

A new endeavor

Hello all,

So today I started my free 30 day trial of Carbonite online backup. I will post from time to time to see how I like it. I don't know if I will considering that I have an external hard drive but what ever.

Today was boring, nothing new.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


I FULLY APPROVE...Considering that I just watched Return of the Jedi with some friends like 3 hours ago.

I really love Star Wars. When I was in 10th grade my Chemistry teacher was a raging liberal and made the contention that Bush was evil and that Cheney was Darth Vader and Rove was Emperor Palpatine. But you know the liberals don't know anything. All they know is that conservatism is wrong and that republican are all a bunch of stupid cowboys that are too unaware of all the events around them. However the Liberals fail to see that the government under Obama (Yes I said Obama, hello NSA, fyi I study math I may work for you one day) is growing and before we know it he will build a Death Star that targets all of the carbon emitting entities, including republicans because we talk to much and ruin Health Care Reform. Democrats are safe because their shit don't stink and therefore do not emit carbon.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Weekend So Far

Hello all,

Sorry I did not post yesterday. But for the past two days I have been running sound equipment all over my campus. I and the audio engineer for my college radio station. And now I am exhausted.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

A fun filled Thursday...maybe

Hello all,

So my day started with me waking up at 2:30 in the afternoon. For some clarity this is normal for me to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, considering that I operate on the 36 hour day. I don't know why but I have done so since I was a little boy. But that is not important.

I started off my day by talking to my ex-girlfriend on Skype, she is now in London. For some reason I was not very 'warm' to her. I wanted to be but for some reason I could not. I think it has to do, in some weird way, with me missing her. This was on my mind most of the afternoon. Knowing me like I do I have concluded that I miss me too much and that has caused some bizarre emotional burnout on my part. I say that because deep down I love her, I mean we would be together had it not been for her schooling in Britain this year. Now if only I could tell her that I think she would understand but I CANNOT...and that annoys me.

However I vote Republican and therefore am not suppose to have don't tell anyone how I feel.

On a completely unrelated note I AM NOT A RACIST. Though many are painting me as such. Even many of my liberal friends claim that the only reason I disagree with Obama is because he is black. Now after thinking about a witty come back I have found a few contradictions that can be used to shove down the liberals throats to get them to shut up.

1) Clearance Thomas is black, therefore is you don't like him you are a racist.
2) Martin Luther King was a Republican and therefore a racist.
3) Alberto Gonzales, disliked and worked for Bush, RACIST

The list goes on and I am sure more and more people can think of obvious contradictions. It annoys me that many are sinking so low. This tells me that there is a clear like of intellectual fortitude among many politicians and reporters.

I am not even sure why RACE becomes an issue. Considering that we do not have a well defined notion of what RACE actually is. Consider this, say that I come from Argentina. And say that I have blond hair and blue eyes. Which many Argentinians have. Now what am I White or Hispanic? It is ambiguous. I contend that race should never be brought up. It appears that race is a notion of ones self. I could claim to be black or white or asian all I want. But supposedly I will be judged, no matter what I call myself. Is it true that race is purely based on skin color? If so then are Jews not a race, like many claim. What about Iranians , many of whom say that they are WHITE, but they have brown skin. When ever someone claims that you are a racist ask them to define race. Then debate them on the ambiguity of their definition. Then make the case that if there is no firm definition for race then there is no way one can be called a racist. Granted there are people that do not like people because of their skin color or because of their heritage. But what ticks me off time and time again is that when I disagree with this president I am a racist. Many people use the term racist to imply that one does not like a person because of their skin. Ok fine, if that is how you want to define it. But in my case, I do not care about skin color. So if I am not in favor of the presidents policies, and am called a racist, but the color of his skin does not matter to me then what? With race is there also an implied political ideology, revert back to Clearance Thomas. Is it not the case then that a only a conservative white man and be 'racist' to a liberal black man. I mean a liberal white man is not racist if he disagrees with a conservative black man. I don't know but it is just a thought...

Till tomorrow


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An uneventful day.

Hello all,

Well last night I did not sleep again. I am starting to get worried about it, though the reality is that I just need to turn off my lights and go to sleep at around 11 at night. But for some reason I choose not to. And therefore I should not really complain about it, yea? Any who, today was uneventful.

It is cloudy here in Northern Maryland today. Which is natural for this time of year. I did have one issue today. I did not go to Logic. As a result of my not sleeping last night I decided to sleep through Logic in the Mathematics work room. I did not miss much, in fact I missed nothing at all. This was a review day for a test on Friday. Which brought me up to think about the usefulness of a Review Day. Is it necessary? Would a student to the same (on a test), worse or better as the result of a Review Day. I feel that as long as one keeps up with home work and the readings in a course then one only needs to skim notes before the test, after all Tests should test mastery, not how much one can cram into their heads.

The Review Day is a little interesting. What if we did not have it? The first case is that we end a topic say on a Monday and then on Wednesday we are tested. With this case I think I would contend that this is not reasonable and will not give students an adequate amount of time to study. But I would most likely be contradicting myself because of the what I view tests to be. The second case is that we start new material. This I would again content that it may blur what we are being tested on. Plus we will have to study before we can begin to master a new topic. However again I feel like I would ultimately contradict my self in that if one has mastered a subject then we would not 'un-master' it by learning new material. So perhaps in the future I will just not go (or sleep through again) to a Review Day. Then it eliminates the ambiguity I suppose.

In the mean time here is something random to think about....John

First Entry....EVER


My name is John Maddrey. I am a conservative college student and thought I would take a crack at blogging. I am a Mathematics major with minors in German and Philosophy.

The goal of this blog is not to ram conservatism down peoples throats, but to divulge the way that I see the world through my own biases. In the future I hope you all enjoy my entries but for now you will have to wait.